Reifer Oy is an entrepreneur driven light machine shop from Kangasniemi Finland.

Our strength is in producing demanding mechanical sheetmetal based structures. We are specially known  of producing stainless steel structures. Investments made in the year 2012 gave us a possibility to competitively offer also other steelstructures with surfice treatments as well.
To be a loyal and comprehensive structure supplier we constantly develope our own supplier network.

For fluent production and cabability to answer quick changes in custumer's needs we have created a special production overtaking lane. This arrangement generates flexibility to delivery timetables.

Our openness shows in our pricing as well. If wanted the customer can get a itemised pricing of purchases and costs of the project.

Logistically Reifer Oy is located to an advantageus place in Kangasniemi between cities Mikkeli and Jyväskylä.